World Ship Simulator-SKIDROW-4

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Title: World Ship Simulator-SKIDROW-4

Category: Simulation

Release Date: Updating...

Description: World Ship Simulator-SKIDROW ? Set in a fictitious environment inspired by ports from around the world. Captain a hovercraft, bulk carrier, yacht and other ma


About Game

Set in a fictitious environment inspired by ports and landmarks from around the globe, in World Ship Simulator you can captain magnificent vessels on the high seas in an expansive open world and begin your career in the maritime industry.
Start from humble beginnings with a single ship and successfully complete a selection of jobs that earn you experience to take on more demanding contracts with greater rewards. Use your hard earned cash to repair your vessel and purchase new ships building a successful shipping company as you progress.


  • Six ships to captain
  • Download and share ships with Steam Workshop support
  • An open world with no loading screens between ports
  • A career mode that will allow players to complete jobs to earn money and experience
  • Changing weather conditions including storms and fog that affects ocean wave height
  • Manipulate time to make those long treks across the ocean pass much more quickly
  • Crew on board the vessel
  • Leave your ship at port to accept missions

World Ship Simulator-SKIDROW-4 - Game Screenshot
Providing a combination of speed and luxury, this extravagant speed boat is well worth the price tag. Some of your best moments in this vessel will be cruising the sea without a care in the world.

World Ship Simulator-SKIDROW-4 - Game Screenshot
The port boat is indispensable in a variety of different roles around the port from escorting large container ships to moving navigational markers – you will always be in demand in your sturdy reliable tug!
World Ship Simulator-SKIDROW-4 - Game Screenshot
This massive bulk carrier is a monster of the seas and tasked to transport loose cargo such as grains & coal across the world. It may not be the fastest ship on the ocean, but without her, logistical transport between countries will be very difficult.


World Ship Simulator-SKIDROW-4 - Game Screenshot

World Ship Simulator-SKIDROW-4 - Game Screenshot

System Requirement


  • OS: Windows Vista/7/8 (All OS must be 64 bit)
  • Processor: Intel i3 2.6 or equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Dedicated graphics with 1GB VRAM (DX11 compatible – Nvidia Geforce GTX 470/ATI Radeon 6900 series or greater)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2700 MB available space



Title: World Ship Simulator
Genre: Simulation
Developer: Odin Game Studio
Publisher: Excalibur, Merge Games
Release Date: 4 Nov, 2016

Release Name : World Ship Simulator-SKIDROW
Size : 820 MB

World Ship Simulator-SKIDROW-DL 

World Ship Simulator-SKIDROW-DL


World Ship Simulator-SKIDROW-DL


World Ship Simulator-SKIDROW-DL


World Ship Simulator-SKIDROW-DL


World Ship Simulator-SKIDROW-DL


World Ship Simulator-SKIDROW-DL


World Ship Simulator-SKIDROW-DL


World Ship Simulator-SKIDROW-DL


World Ship Simulator-SKIDROW-DL


World Ship Simulator-SKIDROW-DL


World Ship Simulator-SKIDROW-DL

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World Ship Simulator-SKIDROW
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