Dungeons 2 Update v1.1.4 CODEX

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Mod Game: Dungeons 2 CODEX Full Crack

Mod Name: Dungeons 2 Update v1.1.4 CODEX

Release Date: Updating...


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Update Featured

  • Fixed problems with savegames on linux
  • Improved support for 21:9 resolutions
  • No more "Connection to server lost" in singleplayer
  • Fixed problem that would detect pretty much every attached device as controller and would switch to controller scheme too quickly
  • Pentagram now shows its work status even when the unit is away to get gold/be admired a.k.a "Unit does not leave the pentagram anymore even when it requires gold/admiration" :)
  • Fixed a bug in connection with the "apply" button in options menu
  • Fixed a bug that made "improved training" work exactly the opposite of what it should do (meaning training a unit would take double as long instead of half as long)
  • Implemented periodic auto-saves
  • Fixed a bug that would make a host stuck in an infinite loading screen when the connection to other players was lost
  • Quick game now launches a domination match, not a deathmatch
  • Improved Overworld render performance for OpenGL and DirectX, increased performance for Linux and Mac (most probably for a lot of Windows folks as well)


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